Online Integrable Machines

Online Integrable Machines

The online integrable machine is a device that generates a permanent barcode on your product, which is very important for your business. The process of applying permanent markings on various materials using a powerful laser is known as Laser Marking. For businesses that require the identification and traceability of products, it is an essential tool. Laser marking allows you to imprint alphanumerical codes, bar codes, logos and more on a variety of surfaces with accuracy and preciseness.

These marks are permanent, and resistant to wear and tear and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Traceability Businesses can improve the management of inventories, increase the authenticity of products and ensure better traceability throughout the supply chain through the use of laser marking. This technology offers numerous advantages to businesses in a variety of sectors. It facilitates the tracking and identification of products throughout their lifecycle. In industry, e.g. manufacturing, automobiles and electronics, it is used frequently.

Alpha X

Laser marking machines work by using a high-powered laser beam to create permanent marks on a variety of materials. The laser beam interacts with the surface of the material and vaporizes it or changes its color and leaves a permanent mark. These machines have precise control over the laser beam and this allows them to create complex designs and alphanumeric codes and barcodes and logos. The process is fast and efficient and ‘highly accurate’ and is ideal for industries that require product identification and traceability.

Laser marking provides tamper proof and makes it difficult to imitate marks on products making it an effective tool in combating counterfeiting. This helps protect your brand’s reputation and ensures customers receive genuine products. And can mark many types of materials. This helps protect your brand’s reputation and ensures customers receive genuine products. And can mark many types of materials. This allows ‘automatic marking’ processes to be efficient and reduce production time and increase overall productivity.

Laser marking eliminates the need for consumables such as ink or labels and results in cost savings over time. Additionally and the permanent nature of laser marks means they will not fade or wear down and reduce the need for marking or re-labeling. Which helps businesses to include personalized messages of logos and branding elements on their products.

MODELAlpha X – 20Alpha X – 30Alpha X – 50Alpha X – 100
LASER POWER  (watt)203050100
MARKING SPEED (mm/sec)12000
MARKING AREA (mm)70*70, 100,200*200
Z TRAVEL (mm)650 (AUTO)
WEIGHT (kg)275