6 Axis Robot

6 Axis Robot

Robotic arms, also known as articulated robotic arms, are fast, reliable, and accurate and can be programmed to do an infinite number of tasks in a variety of environments. They are used in factories to automate execution of repetitive tasks, such as applying paint to equipment or parts: in warehouses to pick, select, or sort goods from distribution conveyors to fulfill consumer orders: or in a farm field to pick and place ripe fruits onto storage trays. And as robotic technologies develop and industrial environments become more connected, the capabilities of robotic arms expand new use cases and business operation models.

Benefits from industrial robotic arms:

  • Improved safety.
  • Improved efficiency & productivity.
  • Enhanced precision.
  • Greater flexibility.


MAX. SPEEDUpto 290°/SecUpto 290°/SecUpto 220°/SecUpto 220°/Sec
REACH (mm)58090515001850
PAYLOAD (kg)591020
MOUNTING TYPEGround & CeilingGround & CeilingGround & CeilingGround & Ceiling
ACCURACY (mm)+/- 0.050+/- 0.050+/- 0.050+/- 0.050