Dot Peen Marking

Dot Peen Marking Machines

Dot peen marking, also called pin marking, dot peening or pin stamping, is an effective application used by manufacturers to create permanent impressions on various materials for the purpose of identification and traceability. This efficient marking process involves the use of carbide or tungsten carbide pins that directly impact the material, resulting in a deep and permanent mark.
Dot pin machines label materials with information specific to the customer using a pin. The end product is a special dot pattern that generates a logo, code (data matrix).

Although laser and dot peen marking are both direct part marking techniques that leave readable, long-lasting marks on a variety of materials, there are several important differences between them.Finding the ideal answer takes time and effort, but it can also save money and stress.
Automated dot peen marking is recognized for its ability to provide two benefits: 1) fast marking speeds and 2) deep, permanent engraving capabilities, as opposed to traditional marking methods such as hand stamping or punch and die. Manufacturers are still more motivated to employ this powerful, successful marking technology.
Our dot peen marking and scribing systems provide a cost effective solution for obtaining permanent, clear and deep marks on both metals and plastics. With low initial investment and high returns on investment, these systems offer an excellent value proposition. Furthermore, their compact design and seamless connectivity make them easily integrated into production lines, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

Dot Peen Marking Machine


Stand Alone Series

Stand alone dot peen marking machines are designed for small quantities and various types of marking..

Handheld Series

Handheld dot peen marking machine uses a series of dots indented into materials to create human readable alphanumeric identification..

Robot Integrable Machines

Our robotic dot pin marking system is a groundbreaking technology that can mark hundreds of unique ..