Special purpose Machines

Special Purpose Machines

We offer revolutionary special purpose machines tailored to meet your unique requirements. Our superior quality laser machines – for marking, engraving, cutting, welding, cleaning, inspection, sorting, and more – deliver economical, customized solutions. With high-tech automation and precision laser etching, our machines boost efficiency and performance. Whether engraving designs on metal, plastic, glass, or wood, our laser engravers expertly transfer images from digital files. Regardless of your location in India, we provide nationwide laser automation installation. Simply share your needs, and we will integrate the ideal features into a specialized machine designed for you.

Our purpose-built solutions ensure your manufacturing processes are efficient, effective, and customized.

The laser produces intense heat that vaporizes the material, exposing cavities that create the final image. Laser engravers can engrave images from computer drawings, stencils, or models onto metal, plastic, glass, and wood. Laser engraving is a customizable process adapted to the needs of the application. SPM laser engravers are machines that perform this laser engraving process.