Common Mistakes People Do While Operating a Dot Peen Marking Machine

Dot Peen Marking Machine system is one of the most famous techniques to engrave copyright marking on various metals and hard plastics. Manufacturing industries use this machine on a wide range of materials as it gives permanent quality markings that are easy to track down. The machine gives efficient results and good production. However, people make mistakes while using these. These are very common and anyone, whether the client or operator himself, can do it easily. 

Below are some of them. Read the full blog to understand them in depth and the way to avoid them.

Mistake- 01- Using the Wrong Method for


The number 1 mistake people do while using a Dot Peen Marking Machine is to go with the wrong method of application on the material. Each desired marking needs a specific way of doing so. If you don’t follow the right path, it will not give you the results you desire. Below are two different ways of using Dot Peen Marking Methods. 

  • The Dot Peen Method involves impacting material with a pen or stylus of hard material such as diamond to mark permanent holes in the material. This kind of marking leaves permanent depth. This way is appropriate when speed and depth are needed in the results. 
  • The second method is to scribble a marking on the targeted material by dragging the stylus to create a smooth continuous mark. It creates a high-quality continuous marking. And unlike the Dot Peen system, it doesn’t make many noises while in use.  

Both the above methods are ideal for the different desired results. 

Mistake- 02- Not Giving Attention to Maintenance of Dot Peen Marking


In comparison with other marking machines, the Dot peen marking system requires more maintenance. It hits or scribbles the target material with its stylus. The whole system works by contacting two different materials that generate shocks & vibrations. For a Dot Peen Marking System, you need to be more attentive to its regular maintenance. It includes cleaning, and lubrication of the machine and if needed, replacing the parts of the machine too. Maintenance will increase your machine’s lifespan. It also improves the quality that degrades over time. Make sure that your operators follow the manual and understand the critical needs of it. 

Mistake- 03- Keeping Your Hands away From the Controller:

For each marking machine, the main controller is the brain of the whole system. It directs and instructs the machine on the required tasks of marking. Such as depth of marking, font styling, bar codes, and many others that users need. 

Keeping the controller in your hands means understanding the working method of the machine. This helps you to use the maximum capability of the machine and get maximum produces with almost null errors. However, to get perfection in this, you must have expertise and knowledge of the machine. 

  • You must have the right training on the working of the controller. 
  • The process for troubleshooting the controller. 
  • The process of knowing if the machine is up to date. 

Mistake- 04- Buying the Machine before Understanding the Features:

Any machine will give you results only when it has the right features needed for the desired results. The better the features of the machine, the better will be the quality of the product. These features are speed, capability, stylus type, machine area, traceability, and many others. 
Your choice must be based on these various factors and need to be within budget also. The characteristics of the machine will affect your production on a deeper level. Choose one machine that suits your output. 

Mistake- 05- Not Caring about Material Compatibility:

Dot Peen Marking Machine uses a punching technique or scribing technique on the targeted materials. The machine uses a high force to develop these kinds of permanent markings. Notably, this isn’t very suited to all kinds of materials. 
Dot Peen marking system is only good for metals and hard plastic only. Soft metals and softer materials such as rubber, can dilute the quality and even worse ruin the product. Instead of using this system on all materials, you should go for other marking machines. 

Mistake- 06- Setting a Faulty Standoff Distance:

The distance between the stylus and the targeted material is ‘Standoff Distance’. This distance is very much important because it affects the quality of the markings, depth, cleanliness, productivity, and speed. Setting this distance wrongly will lead only to faulty production. The markings will be hard to trace and understand. 

Every Dot Peen Marking Machine offers you a controller to set the standoff distance. However, the machines come with a set standoff distance at the time of purchase. But make sure to check the marking machine as a test material to ensure everything is okay.

Mistake-07- Exceeding the Maximum Noise Limitations:

Although the Dot Peen Marking Machines give quality engraving on the targeted metals, it generates a high level of Noise while engraving the markings. As the medical reports say, higher levels of noise can lead to different ailments such as headaches, stress, anger, frustration, and permanent hearing loss in the worst conditions. 
OSHA has set guidelines for limiting the maximum noise. The bar should not go higher than 85 decibels over 8 hours of working. This can lead to someone’s permanent damage. Hence you as an employer must keep this factor in your attention.

Mistake-08- Not Using Laser Marking Machines:

Dot Peen is an old and effective way of marking different metals. However, the market does have its successors such as Laser Marking machines. These machines are comparatively high priced but give more accurate results with no maintenance cost for almost 10 years and a less noisy system. 

However, various factors affect the quality of Laser Marking Machines. There are many kinds of laser marking machines and you need to choose one which can fulfil these criteria. 

  • It must be compatible with the targeted materials. 
  • The machine must not occupy a much larger space. 
  • You must not go through an intense training procedure before using it in your workshop. 


Dot Peen Marking Machine is an excellent choice for your manufacturing copyright marking on metals. However, if not dealt with right, it will not give the desired results or in the worst-case scenario, will ruin the metal forever. 
Above are a few mistakes that are too common to neglect. Keep these in your mind and solve them by yourself. You will see the best results ever.

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