Why Should You Buy a Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

Manufacturing Industry needs a good quality of permanent marking on its products. There are many types of marking machines available but a fiber laser marking machine in Delhi gives you extraordinary results. If you are searching for good quality marking equipment, here is why you must buy a laser marking machine.

The rise of technology had brought laser marking technology almost two decades ago. The effectiveness and clarity it offered as a labelling medium instantly made it a favourite of all companies. It gives you flexibility over the marking range. It works on almost all kinds of material with clear identification of customer information on products. Due to its flexibility, it is economically a better choice among all marking machines.

How does Fiber Laser Marking Work?

Fiber Laser Marking Technology is famous for its flexibility and effective engraving that lasts for a longer period. It is a modern era technology that uses fiber pumping technology to ‘dope’ the fibers. The process uses a rare earth element Ytterbium.   

By using Ytterbium, we increase the ability of the fibers to conduct the light-emitting diodes. Then these diodes are pumped through the fibers to the optical heads. There the light beam expands so that it can gain the laser marking capability. Then the beam of light marks the material. The laser marking uses the following four marking methods. 

– Laser Engraving
– Carbon Migration or etching the surface till it changes colour. 
– Chemical bonding with the material to be used. 
– Removing one layer of material. 

Fiber Laser Marking is the all-time preferred marking technology as it works fine on a wide range of materials including plastic and leather. Gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, and bronze are perfect metals for laser marking. Aluminium, tungsten, copper, and other metal alloys also give a fine response in the process of fiber laser marking. 

Ways of Using Fiber Laser Marking:

The Laser Engraving Machine or Fiber Laser Marking Machine is a famous and most preferred marking technology in the manufacturing industry. This laser marking offers flexible uses on almost every kind of material with effective marking. 

Following are the ways companies use fiber laser marking.

Fiber Laser Marking on Medical Equipment:

Medical devices & equipment are very sensitive as they deal with the patient’s body and need to be free of viruses and any kind of reactions all the time. Laser marking leaves permanent identification engraving on medical devices & equipment. These engraving can withstand the cleansing process of sterilisation at high temperatures. 

Laser Marking Engraving on Jewellery:

As we all know, jewellery is costly. Especially when we deal in Gold and platinum types of material. The need for a permanent mark as copyright of a specific company is needed on each jewel piece to recognize the actual owner of the jewel piece. In case anyone steals a piece of jewellery, the authority can recover the property with the help of these markings on the jewels. 

In recent years, jewel artists have witnessed an increase in couples who want their marriage ring, and bands to be specifically personalised with marriage vows or names or dates. Fiber laser marking also does an amazing job in that. 

Laser Cutting:

Light Laser Cutting is a popular method of cutting and designing various surfaces for the jewellery industry. Jewellery artists use light metals to create name cutouts or monograms for their customers. The fiber laser also engraves excellent designs on any metal surface easily by cutting the metal in the desired manner. 

Laser Cutting is also used by the electronic industry to create a printed circuit board. The laser marking machine creates clear, high-resolution images. These images are acid and ink free by nature and perfect for electronic applications. 

Fiber Laser Marking is used for many other fields of operations in the manufacturing industry. For the two decades in the industry, it has been a perfect choice for engraving clear permanent marking. If you are in a manufacturing unit or selling such products, you must have a fiber laser marking machine at your workshop. 

Advantages of Fiber Laser Machines:

Modern mark engraving technology has multiple benefits over other types of marking technologies available in the market. The equipment used is easy to operate, cheaper than other types of marking facilities, and offers better permanence on almost all materials. Below are some of the advantages of using a fiber laser marking system. 

  • Fiber Laser Machines are cheaper than other available marking systems on the market. It needs fewer capital costs and running costs are also lower than others. 
  • This mark engraving system requires less maintenance and elimination of any harmful consumables results.
  • You can find a variety of fiber laser marking systems in the market such as 
  • Fiber (Ytterbium) 1070 nm  
  • CO2 gas laser
  • Vanadate (Nd: YVO4)
  • Nd: YAG Diode Pumped
  • Nd: YAG Flash Lamp (Solid State)
  • The diodes of the machine have a long lifespan giving you the privilege of negligible part replacements in the system. Hence you save time & money both with this system. 
  • There is no need to call a technician for the replacement of any part in the system as it is an easy-to-operate machine for anyone. 
  • The air cooling system makes it more convenient for use than other marking machines that work on the water cooling system. 
  • Laser marking offers better quality engraving on metals. 
  • The complete setup requires very little space having an exceptionally small footprint. Hence you can set it up at almost any location. With this, you can use extra spaces in your work room. 
  • It is an easy integrating machine that you can place with your other devices, on an assembly line, or in a small factory or workshop. 


For the last two decades, the Fiber laser marking machine has been ruling the manufacturing industry for its convenience and effective results. It leaves a permanent mark on almost all materials including plastic. Get your company a fiber laser marking machine in Delhi for producing excellent engraving on all your products.  

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